About us.

We are a business design agency from Sweden and we work with organisations of all sizes, across all markets to create and implement sustainable and organic change.

What we do.

With the world changing at a faster pace today than it ever has before, it's our belief that adaptability is the new competitive advantage and we help organisations stay ahead of their competitors by continuously developing how they work and what they offer.

Vision & Strategy.

Either you have a clear plan for the future or we start by working with you to develop and create one. We help with collecting and understanding the vital data floating around your organisation or brand, to building a roadmap for your product or service. With this clarity we show you how to use it and measure the future steps from day one, because we show you how to start working with them.


Innovating what you do and how you do it is now a requirement for the modern organisation. We help you define what innovation will look like for your business with measurable returns, by focusing on your business and capabilities, today and in the future. We do this by combining what you know about your plan for the future and your business drivers, to make your innovation efforts a success.

Identity & Design.

It's never been more important than it is today to know how your customers interact with your brand, organisation, product or service. We value as highly as we can, the need for clear and transparent interactions and touchpoints. To succeed in this we actively co-design and anticipate future needs, all based on the vision and strategy of the work or project.

Communication & Implementation.

The cornerstone to our work is communication and when working with change it's a vital ingredient for successful outcomes. Our ambition with everything we do is to transfer knowledge to your employees or team as soon as possible and for it to be organic and sustainable. This can only be done with effective and clear communication.


  • 04.09.2016 // Peter Mandalh

    Rapid technological development and global digitalisation increases the need for effective innovation processes for companies of all sizes to be competitive. New ways of working, partnerships and tools are required to realise the potential and power of innovation across the enterprise.

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  • 16.04.2015 // Peter Mandalh

    During the closing remarks made by David Eriksson at Creative Summit last year, we told you that change was coming and last week we announced the theme for this year and three of the people we’ve invited to come and talk. We’re changing.

    We’ve also changed the location, format and number of tickets that are going to be made available and we’re laying the foundations for a whole new Creative Summit.

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  • 08.04.2015 // Peter Mandalh

    So here it is, our new home on the web and in truth, it's taken a little longer to launch than we had hoped, but that's because it's more than just a new site, it's also a new way for us to work as well as our new identity.

    One of the ways we're going to change how we work is to turn this website into something that is breathing and always growing. In our work we promote openness, so one of the things we're going to do is be more open about what it is we do, our work and projects.

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Stationsgatan 7
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Phone: +46 910-79 89 00
E-mail: skea@wdo.se


Kungsgatan 58
111 22 Stockholm

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E-mail: sthlm@wdo.se